Our Projects


VIVA has just commenced funding a new project in the Punjab region of north east Pakistan. Working with our new partner, TNJ, the project will work with 80 marginalised women who are members of the "Taraqee Women's Cooperative Credit Society" (TWCCS).

These women and their families work in the local brick kilns earning approx. €1 a day for producing 1000 bricks. These low incomes do not allow the women to care properly for their families or send their children to school. In fact, as soon as children are old enough they also start working in the kilns to help their families meet the daily target of 1000 bricks. The kilns do not operate during the monsoon season (July to September) so the women then get loans to tide them over from the brick kiln owners at very high interest rates. This is one of the reasons they women have set up their Co-operative Credit Society.

To help the women generate additional income 240 teddy goats (a local breed raised for its meat) will be purchased and each of the 80 women will receive 3 goats. The goats will generate an income from the sale of milk, ghee (a type of butter) and meat. The women will also receive training in the care of the goats. After a year the beneficiaries must return three goats to the Co-op for distribution to other members of the group thus ensuring the sustainability of initiative.

The project is being jointly funded by VIVA and Electric Aid (the staff social justice fund of Electric Ireland). €13,000 has been committed for Year 1 of the project